MillCamp Game Academy is an education centre. It is a brand new concept, a brand new type of boarding school for young entrepreneurs. It has been created to bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood in a fun and exciting way. It has been created as a place to learn about the kind of  life skills you need when you first step out on your own. And it has been created because the world needs creative and enthusiastic young people to seek career-avenues of diverse character and contents.




When students drive their own learning, they become inspired by exploration, passion and creativity and they learn to approach life that way. They also simply love learning.

Global community:

Learning is interaction and sharing. We connect students with experts and institutions in the global community to enrich the learning experience by learning from some of the best in order to always improve and expand.


Students learn best when they are interested. By personalizing learning to student’s needs and passions, we can challenge them more. Students learn at a level that pushes them, but not so much that they disengage.


We believe it is vital to know what is available and to partner up with those who can best complement the skills and ideas of each student.



A vector illustration of people going swimming indoor
Sports hall
Indoor pool

The school is very near to local facilities such as the indoor swimming pool, the sports hall and the beautiful beach.
Asnæs shopping mall is really close by along with Odsherred Gymnasium.



Students at MillCamp Game Academy are interested in exploring possible avenues of entrepreneurship or they simply want to know themselves and their desires in more depth.

They may be wanting to find out, what it will require to work within a certain field before they embark on an educational path. They may want to expand their basic life skills before taking the step of moving out on their own away from the comfort of home.

They may want to have a year of being part of a community, finding their feet in a comfortable social setting or just having fun and being creative.


Our Team

Our permanent team consists of personal coaches/instructors or facilitators as we prefer to call them. We have someone to take care of the nutrition and keep the grounds. Everyone at MillCamp have a passion for making the year at MillCamp a most wondrous, engaging, creative and fun time – a time of fond memories, much learning, and expansion.

Our guest teachers will be from different walks of life – all specialist within their fields and both domestic and international. They will be engaging with the students according to subjects.


The Story


Møllestrædet 36, 4550 Asnæs – the school address, used to be “Høve skole” from when it was built in 1837 to 1947… 110 years of primary school. Later it became a holiday camp (hence the camp in MillCamp) and for a short period of time, it was also used as a refugee camp. In recent years, it has been used for courses, training, and events.

In order to create a first-class, environmentally friendly boarding-school out of the place there is currently a major building project going on, and some of this will still be going on when the school year starts.

The dormitory building (‘Dorm’), containing 20 rooms to share (40 students), auditorium and chill zone.


The studio building and diner, containing kitchen/canteen, conference rooms, library, music and art studios.


Guided Tour/Building Progress:

This is a high-speed tour of the current buildings and grounds. A lot of changes are being made to make this a state-of-the-art and up-to-date school. A geothermal system with >3.000 m’s of pipe is being laid in the earth to create and secure a sustainable heating system at the school. This will be mostly run by solar power. Because of this system, the buildings are being totally refurbished with floor heating and extra insulation. An extension of the auditorium will be made with a terrace as rooftop, overlooking the great open space with fields and Odsherred Zoo. The old stable building will be replaced with a brand new building, which will extend to join the main house, which houses the canteen and kitchen.
There is a lot of work to do, and while the living quarters and “Dorm” building will be finished by school start, we do not expect to have the new building replacing the staple building ready for some time.



Q: What does it cost to sign up to Millcamp?
A: The price per. week will be 2.350,- DKK.
There is a registration fee of 5.000, – DKK up front and there will be a charge of 10.000, – DKK for travel expenses (which can be divided into 5,000,- DKK for the first semester and 5000,- DKK for the second semester).

Q: Will the price depend on my parents salary so some of the tuition will be refunded by the government?
A: We are not subsidized by the government, since we are not registered under the ‘efterskole’-system. We want to be free to base our curriculum on what is relevant and interesting to the students who come pertaining to the overall goal of the school ideology, and we want to build characters free of competition around grades, there will be no examinations as such, but lots of presentations. We are more or less attempting to mimick the kind of working environment the students will face in ‘real life’.

Q: Do I stay at the school or go home on weekends?
A: The stay is intended to only be interrupted by the two-week Christmas holiday. Most Saturdays will include workshops, and there will be plenty of trips and tours and also time to relax and enjoy :).

Q: What do I need to bring with me for school?
A: Aside from your own personal belongings, clothing etc. (we will be happy to give you a suggestion list) you are required to bring your own computer and your bicycle. It will probably also be nice for you to have your own bed linen (ie.quilt and pillow), but we do have supplies at the school.


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