MillCamp Game Academy hosts the new International Entrepreneurship Education in a boarding school setting, much like a Danish “efterskole”.

We are primarily working with young people who are interested in knowing what it takes to become an entrepreneur, to become self employed or with young people who have great ideas they want to test in a supporting and safe environment.

We also welcome young people who have a specific interest in game development or in any of the areas contained in the game development process, such as game design, art / animation, programming, sound / music and project management.

Young people who just need a break from the regular school system to explore their dreams regarding education and life are also very welcome and will most likely find the different approach helpful and refreshing.

At MillCamp Game Academy, we are educating students using alternative methods to the traditional education system. The students get inspiration through various guest teachers – both as audio/visual lectures and through one-on-one personal interactions – and they have ample opportunity to teach each other. It is an international school and the teaching language is English. Students do lots of research, both on their own and with their peers, while input and support are always readily available.

We strive to provide our students with first class equipment, facilities, and teaching capacities. Focus is on entrepreneurship, life-skills and game-development.
We devide the areas of game development into 5 different categories:

Game Design/Story-telling/User-interface-design,
Programming/2D+3D Math,
Project Management/Organization/Communication/TimeManagement.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career within game development or your entrepreneurial skills take you in a completely different direction is not important to your participation at MillCamp Game Academy. The skills you need to become an entrepreneur within any field will require presentation skills, skills of enrollment, teamwork, community building, communication and management including basic knowledge of economy. Students at MillCamp Game Academy learn how to master entrepreneurial skills and they learn about basic life-skills such as: healthy living and nutrition, various forms of exercise and mindfulness, creative design thinking, source seeking, media studies, environmental awareness, practical preparations to move away from home and various social skills among other things.

Does the above sound interesting to you? Come and join MillCamp Game Academy for a year of fun learning!


“Millcamp Game Academy is a great initiative and has a huge potential in ensuring its students to fully live out their own potential in the creative industry.”

Mikkel Helleberg Jørgensen, Founder and CEO, Syntac Studios

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